Interviews of Water and Climate-Change Experts in the Ebro Basin in Spain

Date: 17-28 September 2018
Venue: Tortosa, Barcelona, Girona, Zaragoza, Madrid, Avila

The CO-MICC team interviewed experts related to climate change and water resources in the Ebro basin and the surrounding area. The interviews focused on perceived risks, use of climate data and adaptation strategies. The outcomes of these interviews will be used to prepare the first stakeholder workshop in the focus region.

Travelling through various cities in the Ebro Basin and to Madrid, two scientists from the CO-MICC team interviewed key stakeholders in September 2018. Most of the interviewed stakeholders were employees of public authorities in the water and agriculture sector or of public research institutions experienced in working in the Ebro basin. In addition, forest managers as well as the national meteorological institution were interviewed.

When asked about experienced and perceived problems related to climate change impacts on water availability, many stakeholders mentioned political problems, land use changes and related water use conflicts, sediment transport, floods, and droughts.    

Another part of the interview focused on the current use of model data and climate change indicators by the corresponding institution. These results will be used to tailor specific user surfaces for the planned knowledge portal in CO-MICC.

All stakeholders were very interested in the project and willing to participate in the upcoming workshops.